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Good News And Bad News For Men

Listen all single mingle guys, here are some good news as well as bad news for you guys. 

I want to introduce to you all to my lady-friend which is single also. So, the good news are :

1. She's a fantastic cook, and keep a spotless house.

2. She won't spend all your money as she has her own. She comes from a rich family you know :)

3. When you play mah-jong or go lepaking with your old buddies, she won't complain.

4. She does not waste time watching tv or gossip on the phone.

5. She never nags but she is always loving.

6. She's a hottie even without a make-up.

But, the bad news is :

She's all that you dream of, and she's the girl you are NEVER going to meet ! Hahahaha 

Sepatah kata Iman Hayfa :

Haha. Nobody is perfect kan? =P
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